Trees make valuable additions to your yard. They provide shade, add dimension to your landscape design and help prevent erosion. Still, not all trees are right for your yard. If older or unstable trees pose a threat to your property in the Deep River, Madison, Essex, CT, and the surrouding areas, reach out to SLC Landscaping LLC for quick tree removal services. You can trust our skilled crew to remove your hazardous trees safely.

To schedule a tree removal appointment, call 860-227-6842 today. We'll come to your home or business in  Deep River, Madison, Essex, CT, or the surrounding area right away.

Is your lot ready for construction?

SLC Landscaping can do more than just remove problem trees from your property. We also offer brush removal services, to clear your lot and get it ready for construction. When we come to your property for lot clearing work, we will:

  • Assess the area and provide you with an estimate
  • Bring commercial-grade brush removal equipment to the lot
  • Turn tree debris into useful wood chips


Contact SLC Landscaping now to take advantage of our brush and tree removal services. You can count on us to clear your residential or commercial lot in record time.